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I visited Sanivan a few times back in the mid 2000s and each stay was transformative and special in its own way. First: the hosts Saniye and Ivan are amazing. Their individual attention to holistic health and healing is amazing. I will never forget my first raw-food meal with them. The property, labyrinth, pool – all were part of healing and health experience. And the massages and holistic cleansing treatments by Saniye were the sweet topping to a “healthy” treat! Not only is Sanivan a special place for physical healing but the experience can aid in emotional and mental health and healing as well. Sanivan holds a special place for me – I’m sure it can for you too!

From: Courtney

Just spent an absolutely wonderful 3 days at Sanivan Holistic Retreat and Spa in Hurleyville, NY with my 2 sisters and had a really marvelous time. Saniye and Ivan treated us like family and Saniye’s cooking was just wonderful. We all had a Shiatsu massage with Ivan, enjoyed the sauna, the two cats, all the musical instruments, having the only three bedrooms upstairs to ourselves along with the two bathrooms. There is a huge labyrinth in the yard and a 100 year old massive cherry tree as well as an indoor pool (unheated). They offer many different health treatments.

We walked through quaint downtown Hurleyville, drove the countryside, and really enjoyed our time together talking, playing games, laughing so much and crafting in the evenings. It was like going home! Mom would have loved it there. Look into Sanivan if you want the feeling of going home without the stress. I think that almost the best part was having someone else do the cooking for every meal. Saniye took all our dietary needs into account when preparing her delicious vegetarian meals.
Thank you, Divine Spark, for pointing us there and making everything go so smoothly!

Again, thank you for your kindness.
We will come back!

From: Susan (Nancy and Diana)

My stay at Sanivan changed my life forever! I felt a connection with the owners immediately and achieved more than I anticipated… lost weight, became healthier, and achieved so much more physically more important mentally. My experience was so personal and fulfilling. Sanivan is a diamond in the rough and I recommend for all looking for the “real thing”. I can’t wait to go back and hoping that will be soon! Think about my time there almost every day…

From: Nicola

My experience at the Sanivan was life changing. Saniye and Ivan welcomed me with such warmth and care. I did 8 days of juice detox. The juice was so delicious because Saniye used freshest local ingredients and care. Not only Ivan’s healing shiatsu massage was the best I’ve ever had, but also he gave me pt sessions that was fun!
Thank you so much Sanivan!

From: Jung

Sanivan is a Gem in the Rough. I wanted to do a four day juice cleanse and found Sanivan through an internet search. When I arrived I was a little taken aback by the outdoor appearance, however, once I was inside and greeted by Saniye, I knew I had found the right place. Be ready to experience a wholistic approach to your stay. The juices made by Saniye are amazing and the shiatsu and other treatments offered by Ivan are out of this world. What makes this place special though is the constant support, conversation, and intellect of this special team. They provide a view of the world and lifestyle that everyone should experience! I was able to do yoga, given a dance lesson, gong therapy, drums, walks, treatments or just lounge in my lovely comfy room. The sauna, jet and steam baths were awesome. I will definitely be going back.

From: Michelle

I had a great experience at Sanivan. The retreat was fantastic. The atmosphere is totally. Zen.
I felt relaxed and nurtured. I welcomed the peacefulness coming from Manhattan. I enjoyed sitting in the beautiful garden. It accommodates a limited number of guests (3 rooms) which allows you to be really catered to. The food is healthy organic vegetarian and very delicious. The massage is the BEST ever. I will absolutely come back and bring family and friends.

From: Robin

Going to Sanivan for health, de-stressing, and nourishment for mind and body, we found all of those AND forever friendships. We strongly recommend giving yourself this extraordinary gift of self fulfillment.

From: Rochelle & Barbara

My Mom passed away in October of 2019 and it was very traumatic. I wanted to get away from everything and everyone, yet wanted some pampering. I came to Sanivan on a 3 day retreat and it was just what the doctor ordered! Located in a relaxed home environment, no judgement yet encouragement, 3 wonderfully delicious, nutritious and comforting meals a day, prepared by Saniye is what I experienced. I was able to take advantage of couple of fabulous massages by Ivan, attend a welcoming Yoga class at the Hurleysville Arts Center, walk the beautifully scenic rail/trail in Hurleysville and even take a Salsa Lesson. I still had time for reading and reflection and felt renewed when I left. It was a perfect break for me and I would highly recommend if you are looking for some time to reflect.

From: Anne-Marie H.

I just returned from a wonderful 5 day stay at Sanivan. The entire experience was perfect from start to finish. The food and juices are all organic and excellently prepared. I was able to exercise and relax. In addition, the location in the Catskills enabled me to explore the nearby cute towns.

From: Sheila H.


Thank you, Saniye and Ivan, for that wonderful and uplifting retreat. I absolutely loved every aspect of it – the healthy and delicious meals, the comfortable and cozy room, the yoga class and going for a walk on Rails to Trails. Best of all was the sense of comfort and care that you both showed throughout my stay. Such lively and meaningful conversation over meals and the best shiatsu massage I have ever had! Sanivan is truly a hidden gem and I hope to be back some day.

From: Mrina A.


When I arrived at Sanivan, I was exhausted from years of trying to heal from Lyme Disease that preceded a devastating accident. I knew I needed to seek peace but with guidance. Letting go of the negative memory of the accident was on the horizon, but it kept coming to the forefront. I had re-vamped my diet, my exercise protocol and thought process but just couldn’t reach that space where I let it go. Between organic food that fed my body and guidance/knowledge that fed my soul…I managed to put the Lyme/accident experience in the past, where it belonged. Saniye and Ivan are kind, knowledgeable and studied in the healing arts. They lovingly share with all their guests. Sanivan is an amazing retreat. Go there to find the serenity and healing that we all need and seek! I definitely recommend Sanivan and will return again.

From: L. A. Dawson


The owners give their all and extensive professional training to providing a magical healing sacred space. They specialize in juices and healthy cuisine. The guest rooms are deliciously decorated to promote calm, peace and relaxation. The indoor pool is non-chlorinated. There is also a sauna, plus exercise equipment around the pool No health club can match these environs. Rather you indulge in a facial, or shiatsu, or just R & R, there is no finer place to stay and unwind and heal than Sanivan. In warm weather, the small gardens and outdoor seating areas are very lovely.

From: Lotsa T. on Tripadvisor.com


Our experience at Sanivan Holistic Retreat & Spa was excellent! My mom and I went there for a weekend to relax, meditate and recharge energies. We could not have asked for a better getaway-retreat experience!

From: Fernanda Á. on Yelp.com


I visited Sanivan (and) it was one of the most transformative times of my life. Saniye and Ivan were the perfect hosts to accommodate my needs. The grounds and house are lovely. There skill and knowledge of the healing arts is extensive. Saniye gave me hourly personal care and attention and Ivan’s massages are heavenly. Saniye makes lovely organic juices. They facilitated a much needed time of healing in my life that was really out of this world and beyond anything that I was hoping for. I would recommend anyone to stay with them as long as is possible.

From: Rebecca N. on Google


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