Cleanse Retreat in the Catksills

It is a part of our healing philosophy to cleanse our body/mind system during every season, but it is even more important to cleanse during fall season before the winter in order to super charge our immune system.

Since our bodies go through change every season it is important to have seasonal detox.  Our fall detox is followed by taking simple medicinal foods we all can find in our kitchen.  Our super tonic is one such medicinal concoction we make and is great to take during cold and flue outbreaks; It will reboot and recharge you immune system for sure.

Right now we are harvesting hardy mineral rich root vegetables such as beets, carrots, kale which we juice with local/organic apples and pairs, not only for their cleansing effect, but also for nourishing benefit.

When we juice fast just for few days we feel alive with so much more energy and vitality and able do our yoga and meditation practices with calmness of the mind and wakefulness of our Spirit!!

If we want to take our detox to next level we would focus on certain body organs such as liver/gallbladder or kidney/bladder.  Specific juices(flushes) are taken first thing in the morning followed by special herbal teas and tinctures after each juice.  We would normally need 5-days to do a liver or kidney detox program.  Since our liver and kidneys are major detoxification organs, it is essential to do a cleanse at least once a year, but our good Dr.Schulz recommends one beginning of every season another words 4 times a year.  Of course all of that depends on our diet; it would benefit our liver very much if we eliminate certain fats, meat, sugar and dairy products as well as all processed foods from our diet.

At the end of the day we can all benefit from some type of cleansing program for our body/mind system in order to have healthier and more balanced life.  I feel we owe this to our selves as well as to our loved ones, because when we are healthy and balanced we tend to be happier human beings. To book your retreat, call us at (845) 434-1849 or reserve online.