Free Event: What is a deep cellular cleanse, and how to do it?

We invite you to joins us for a very special talk by Dr. Lu, a latest inspiration for us here at Sanivan. This is a free event, held here at our spa, or you can teleconference in and ask questions. We look forward to having you join us!

Join us for this special event…

What: What is a deep cellular cleanse, and how to do it?
Tuesday, May 30 at 6-7PM
Where: Sanivan Holistic Retreat & Spa (travel directions) or via Zoom

Dr. Shanhong Lu, Internal Medicine MD and Ph.D Human Physiology, is a third generation female Chinese integrative healer-physician. Born in China, her grandmother a Chinese medicine healer and her mother the first Chinese medical cardiologist, Dr. Lu has practiced medicine and conducted research on both the North American and Asian continents for over 26 years. Integrating her knowledge of the wisdom of the East and the science of the West, she is a catalyst for a major paradigm shift in health and longevity. In her vibrant and magnetic presence people experience her glowing happiness and authentic love for life. Dr. Lu ignites a passion in people for living vibrantly and delivers a clear path for maximizing their potential.

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Join us at the beautiful Sanivan Spa, 12 Columbia Dr., Hurleyville
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