Holistic Cleanse & Weight Loss Program

Enjoy 3 healthy organic plant based meals, every day, for 10 days with our new holistic weight loss program

We offer a 10-day holistic spa cleanse/weight loss program that actually works on creating the body you desire from the inside out.  Using organic a plant base diet, exercise, and treatments – we have created the ultimate way to lose weight and keep it off. Using the Orenda protocol, within 10 days we have seen people lose between 2 to 7 ½  lbs., and keep it off long after the program is done.

Learn more about the Orenda program, or download our full brochure with more information, testimonials and details on the amazing nourishment this program offers.


Our 10-day holistic weight loss program includes:

  • 3 Healthy Plant-Based Meals Daily
  • The Orenda Weight Loss Protocol
  • Recommended exercises
  • Spa treatments & facilities to support your weight loss goals


Saniye is now accepting bookings for your 10-day cleanse getaway – please call her at (845) 434-1849 or email sanivan1@hotmail.com to discuss your weight loss and cleanse goals and to book your stay. We look forward to supporting you on your weight loss journey.

Clean Burn Shape with Orenda

Contact us at (845) 434-1849 or email sanivan1@hotmail.com to book your retreat.