Holistic Retreat Packages

Come experience a retreat like no other at Sanivan. Fully customizable stays are available year-round, and with a 3 room capacity, you are bound to have a truly personal and guided experience. Here are just a few ideas for your retreat getaway in the Catskills:


NEW! Ballroom/Latin Dance Retreat

Introducing Sanivan’s newest retreat experience with a fun twist. Join passionate teaching instructor Ivan for a healing dance experience during your all-inclusive retreat at Sanivan. Dance styles such as Salsa, Bachata, and more, offer an opportunity to connect with your body and tune into your spirit through this fun exercise. Ballroom and Latin Dance is available during your retreat as a healing service.
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NEW! Reset Retreats to Restore Balance and Relieve Burnout

Are you feeling burned out or sluggish as a result of seasonal changes? Press the reset button on your health at Sanivan Holistic Retreat & Spa this spring. Let us customize your retreat experience to meet your healing needs. Join us for a holistic retreat including cozy accommodations, spa treatments, healing spa treatments, exercise and home cooked organic meals customized for your healing needs.
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3-Day Clear your Mind Retreat

Is life getting hectic? Take the time to retreat, and change your surroundings to give yourself some time to think. Take a long walk in the woods, eat nourishing, organic meals and do some yoga and meditation to really connect to your inner guidance. Enjoy a 3-night stay retreat and save $50 per person.
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3-Day Cleanse Kick-Start Retreat

If you’re short on time but needing a system restart, we invite you to join us for this 3-night retreat focused on cleansing your body, mind and spirit. Enjoy organic vegetable and fruit juices, sauna and skin brushing and a complimentary massage to aid in detoxification and healing. You’ll also leave equipped with the knowledge and guidance to continue your cleanse at home, if you need to.
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3-10 Day Holistic Weight-Loss Retreat

If you’re ready to transform your health and return to your optimal weight, we have had tremendous successes with our Orenda Weight-Loss program. We invite you to join us for a 3-10 day retreat including an organic plant-based diet and Orenda natural supplements to optimize your metabolic function. The retreat also includes plenty of yoga, meditation and complimentary fitness consultation customized for your needs. If you do decide to stay with us for the entire duration of 10 days, your package will also include a free Shiatsu treatment to aid in your weight loss journey.
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3-Day Babymoon Retreat

A special getaway for expecting parents, the Babymoon retreat is all about nourishment, relaxation and preparation for the happy and hectic time ahead. Enjoy organic meals for nourishing the body and baby, meditation and yoga for centering mind and spirit and a gentle complimentary massage for mom-to-be.
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