Top Reasons to Book an Affordable Sanivan Getaway

Are you needing to press the reset button on your health? Sanivan Holistic Retreat & Spa offers affordable, personalized retreats in a bed & breakfast setting to help you achieve your wellness goals. From helping you recenter and refocus, to recovery after a traumatic life event, we are here to support you along your path to health & well-being. Here are just few things that make our retreat special:

  • We are affordable and wellness minded at the core

    That means that we see health as a necessity for all, not a luxury for some. That’s why you’ll find our retreat rates are very affordable compared to traditional spa resorts in the Northeast. We invite you to visit for several days to really enjoy the healing benefit of releasing stress and letting your body recover from the day to day pressures of our modern lives.

  • Small space – big features

    Although Sanivan is contained in just one building, we feature top of the line spa facilities to aid in your healing process – from the sauna, to the salt water swimming pool, vichy shower and fitness equipment – we have what you need to keep your body moving, sweating and detoxing.

  • Organic lifestyle

    The core of our Sanivan philosophy is based on Organic living – from the food we grow in our garden, ingredients we purchase at the organic food coop, to the products we use on your face in a facial and to clean our environment. Use of organic products limits our exposure to toxins and GMO’s that might negatively affect your health.

  • The food is delicious

    Nutritionally rich, natural, delicious food is the foundation of our program. We cater to organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free and meat eater alike. Plus, in addition to serving up deliciousness, we show you how to make it too by inviting you to be part of our process right in the kitchen. We have top-of-the-line kitchen equipment to make raw and healing foods and cat teach you how to make it so you can take what you learn home.

  • Sanivan is eco-friendly

    From our solar-powered hot-water, our garden and compost, to the products we use day-to-day, we are focused on green living for the benefit of the earth and your health.

  • Get a good night’s sleep

    Our quiet environment, comfortable, natural bedding and fresh Catskills air make for a great sleeping environment. We invite you to see just what a few nights of quality rest can do for your healing.

  • Easy to get to from New York City

    Sanivan is located in a residential neighborhood within close walking distance to hiking trails and a quaint town, so there’s always something to enjoy near by. We are located only 2 hours from mid-town Manhattan, just a quick bus trip away. We can even pick you up at the bus station to bring you here.

These are just some of the reasons we think you’ll benefit from a Sanivan experience. Join us anytime for a retreat or spa visit by calling (845)434-1849 or emailing us at sanivan1(at)