Upcoming Retreats for 2024

As we look forward to a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year, we invite you to join us at Sanivan for one of our upcoming personal growth and healing retreats.


Sanivan New Year Cleanse Retreat

January 11 – January 16

We will start the year with 5 day/night juice fast retreat, focusing on cleansing our Liver, which is our detox organ; liver is one of the most important organs and it needs to be detox regularly, not only from pollutants in our air and water, but also food we eat. Please join us for 5 days, from January 11 to January 16.  We all need extra help to cleanse/detox and recharge our body after the holiday pleasures. It is important to detox by sweating; we now have regular and infrared saunas to aid in your cleansing process.


Ballroom/Latin Dance Retreat

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Sanivan February 16-18

Sanivan Holistic Retreat and Spa now offers ballroom & Latin dance retreats as part of your healing visit. Attending our dance healing retreat is fantastic way to step outside your comfort zone, tune into your body and make wonderful connections and discover new ways to move; creating joy and laughter in a friendly atmosphere. It is perfect for beginners and seasoned dancers alike, and you can enjoy it as a couple or a solo retreat visitor. Choice of dances include salsa, bachata, Argentine tango, West coast swing and more.


Getting the Love You Want®:
Couples Workshop

 Coming in March (check back soon for the upcoming dates)

Join us for a transformative journey that guides couples to create satisfying and long-lasting relationships using practical tools and strategies. You and your partner will learn to:

– Break destructive patterns of communicating
– Renew the passion and pleasure in your relationship
– Discover the root of your conflict and learn new conflict resolution strategies
– Experience individual reflection through written exercises and guided imagery
– Achieve a common vision of your dream relationship
– Recapture the love, laughter, and joy with enhanced closeness

Led by Certified Imago Advanced Clinicians: Emily Lambert Robins, LCSW and Trisha Sanders, LCSW of @wholefamilynj, this retreat workshop will be a truly transformational experience for couples working to give their relationship a tune up and tune in!


Make your reservation before January 15 and Save!

As we look forward to an exciting 2024, we will be introducing an expanded array of programs and innovative personal growth experiences, leading to a moderate rate increase for our retreat stays. If you’d like to plan your next visit at Sanivan anytime in 2024, we welcome you to make the reservation prior to March 31, in order to take advantage of this year’s current pricing and save.